General Types Of house Cleaning Services

General Types Of Dubai Cleaning Services

Even though is not a pleasant activity, cleaning is extremely necessarily and has to be done by everyone from time to time. However, most of the people from Singapore have a very busy schedule and they have to perform this task in their little free time. Because of this reasons, a lot of individuals choose not do waste their free time like that and instead, they use a professional cleaning team.
The high demand of professional cleaners, made this industry highly competitive in Singapore. Considering this, every day we can see new competitors entering the market, with new and innovative solutions. Hiring a professional can be pretty expensive but if you want a job well done and you don’t have time to do it yourself, it will worth the money. The high competitiveness, made the cleaning companies diversify their offer, providing a wide range of services. 

The main types of cleaning services available in Singapore are: 
Residential cleaning

This is one of the most common types of cleaning services and it refers to the general house related chores, that any of us did at least once. Residential cleaning is also known as janitorial service or maid service. If you contract a cleaning company for residential cleaning, they will provide services like cleaning your living room and bedroom, sanitizing the kitchen, toilet and bathroom, dusting, mopping, vacuuming or taking out the garbage. If you need a professional cleaner, there are plenty of such companies in Singapore, from which you can choose. However, you shouldn’t necessarily opt for the cheapest one, because, you probably want some good services and only a few can provide that. Residential cleaning companies are also useful if you’re having more condos in property and you are renting them. At the end of the tenancy, the flats need to be properly sanitized and only a professional team can grant you that. 

Commercial cleaning

If you own a business or a commercial space of any type, working with a specialized cleaning company is a must. You cannot work properly in a dirty environment and you cannot hope for good result from your employees, if you cannot ensure them a clean and friendly work place. Commercial facilities tend to get dirty very fast and that’s why, you will need specialized assistance with this matter, on a daily basis. That’s why, all the commercial cleaning companies will start their work, according to the manager’s preferences. You cannot have cleaners disturbing your normal activities and because of that, they are very flexible with their working schedule. The cleaners will mostly work at night, after closing hours or during weekends, so they won’t interfere with your activity. Because many modern businesses have their own kitchen, showers or any other house related features, the commercial cleaning companies are ready to provide a mixture of services, residential and commercial. It’s important to know that a commercial cleaning company will not take care of the outside windows. That’s a more delicate task, which needs to be performed by a specialized company, with the right equipment and specially trained personnel. 

Carpet cleaning
Even if you hire a professional team to clean your commercial space or your residence, you will need, from time to time, some carpet cleaning services. Carpets tend to be more pretentious and the fact that your regular cleaners vacuum them on a daily basis, is not enough. After some time, they will gather dust or their natural color will be affected by dirt. Carpets are very expensive and it would be unwise to replace them, as soon as they don’t look as good as new. A carpet cleaning company has the right level of expertise and the right equipment to make your carpets shine again, to sanitize and deodorize them. A carpet cleaning company will also ensure a proper treatment for your carpets, using some special substances which protect the fabric and prolong their life cycle. Carpet cleaning is not a a constant process and you will only need this kind of service twice or three times a year.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a very pretentious type of service and only a few businesses in Singapore can ensure that. The procedure is very complex and every particular surface has to be approached in a different manner. They mostly use a main device called, steam cleaning machine. The steam cleaner gives great results and it can take care of many house related and commercial items like carpets, furniture or even car interiors. A proper steam cleaning has to be performed with the right device, depending on the subjected material and its surface. A lot of steam cleaning companies add some special substances while performing the task, with the sole purpose of sanitizing or preventing the dust to gather on that specific surface. 

Window cleaning 
Like we’ve mentioned before, window cleaning is a more special task, which needs to be performed by some true professionals. Considering the Singapore’s tall buildings, it would be rather impossible for a regular cleaning company to perform that. That’s why, whenever you want to clean your outside windows, you should consider working with a windows cleaning company. This is a job which comes with a level of risk and because of that, the cleaners will only work on daylight. However, if you’re running a business, you shouldn’t worry that they will interfere with your activity. They have the right equipment to work from the outside and the workers won’t have to enter your facility, in order to do it. Because of the complexity of the process, windows cleaning can be a bit expensive. Still, considering that you won’t need your windows cleaned on a daily basis, the whole process will not be so costly, when you draw the line.

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