Cleaning professionals

Now your house is spotless, so you can sit back and enjoy your accomplishment. Or invite a few friends over for a meal—you are ready to entertain! Maintain your clean house with a weekly cleaning schedule, and you will only need to do spring cleaning about once a year.

What are house cleaning professionals?
Professional house cleaners are people who are paid to come and clean your house as often as you require.

They may be a house cleaning professional run by an individual cleaning lady who cleans solo with no team members or staff, often referred to as a cleaning lady or cleaner.
They may be a house cleaning company who employs various team members who rotate your house clean often referred to as a crew.
They may offer end of tenancy cleans, post construction cleans, move out cleans, move in cleans, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleans.
There is a difference between a cleaning service and a housekeeper so be sure you know which service you require before hiring! Housekeepers often live in and do jobs such as meals, laundry, beds, childcare and many other jobs a professional cleaner does not.
Professional Cleaner vs. Personal Organizer
Before you choose a housekeeper, ask yourself if you really need it. If what you’re trying to avoid is a cluttered mess, you may want to opt for a personal organizer. They organize your space, design better storage solutions and help you get – and stay – clutter free.

Services of cleaning professionals
Market Segments
Cleaning Services – Scheduled Daily, Weekly
Clean Room Services
Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Construction Cleaning
Commercial Rental Move-Out
Floor Refinishing (Stripping and Waxing)
Deep Clean
Day Porter
Pressure Washing
Restaurant – Kitchen
Sensitive Document Handling
Snow Removal
Special Event Cleanup and Services
Supplies Purchase and Stocking

10 Questions to Ask to Find a Trustworthy and Reliable cleaning professionals
Knowing the right questions to ask not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures you find the cleaner that fits your needs. Here are a few you shouldn’t skip:

What are your rates? Also find out if it’s by the service, hour or square foot or a flat fee.
Do you do background checks on your employees? If they do, ask to see them.
Are you insured and bonded? Also ask about workers compensation insurance. Most of these professional services are fully insured and bonded and will provide estimates.
Who supplies the cleaning products? You can also ask about environmentally friendly products. Some companies bring their own while others requires you to supply the chemicals.
What guarantees do you offer? You’re paying for a service that you should be 100% satisfied with.
Do I need to crate my dog or cat? If you have pets, discuss this ahead of time.
How will you get into my home? It’s best to get a full list of anyone who has access to your home.
Will it be the same crew every week?
How long have you been in business? It’s also a good idea to make sure your cleaning company has a physical address to avoid scams.
Can I get all this in a written contract?

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