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Not all of us have the luxury of a cleaning service to help with cleaning the house. Neither do we have a lot of time on our hands to ensure that the house is sparkling clean. At least no one has an hour to scrub hard water stains from the sink. If this is a […]

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The cost of house carpet cleaning

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning service Cost?Carpet cleaning is generally done through either chemical cleaning (encapsulation) or steam cleaning (hot water extraction). Companies price services either by the square foot of carpet cleaned or by the room or area.Typical costs:Chemical cleaning a 900-square foot two-bedroom apartment with about 650-square feet of carpet between the bedrooms, […]

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Room cleaners near me

How clean is your hotel room? Housekeepers say the accommodation industry has dirty secrets “When you always visit five-star hotels, you think you are getting the best services, clean linen and everything,” she said. “But when you actually go behind the scenes to do the work, you realise that not everything goes as you expect.” […]

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Home cleaning lady

How Professional Home Cleaning Lady Clean a Bathroom Aside from the kitchen, there is no room in the home more challenging for professional cleaning ladies than the bathroom. Even some of the professional cleaning services lady sometimes have a difficult time with these challenging areas. There so many different types of surfaces in the bathroom […]

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Cleaning and housekeeping services

Here’s What Your Cleaning and housekeeping services Wants From You After our post How to Clean Up Before the Housekeeper Comes, readers wanted to know so much more about how to hire a cleaner and how to handle any sensitive or awkward situations. We talked to Beatriz Rojas, owner of San Antonio cleaning company C&B Facility […]

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Different cleaning services

Getting the most out of your different Commercial Cleaners through Deep Cleaning services Even if you take care of your carpets, with a regular programme of vacuum cleaning and protection of vulnerable areas with mats or runners, then you will in time find them looking past their best. It is only natural. People walk in dirt, even when […]

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